On the Yealink T54W phones there are 8 or 9 programmable buttons on the first page, or 25 total with 3 pages.


Each of the phone’s buttons next to the screen can be programmed for convenience. The one or two buttons that show your extension number will need to stay however.


The most common types of buttons are BLF and Speed Dial, but there are also many more options.

If a BLF button is programmed for an extension, it lights green if the target extension is available, red if on a call or flashing red if ringing. You can press the BLF button to place a call to that extension, or press it while on an active call to transfer to that extension.


If the button is programmed as a speed dial, it is just a fast way to dial a certain number, usually a telephone number outside your system.


Attached is a spreadsheet you can fill in for each phone and send to support to have the buttons programmed. If you want the same buttons for multiple phones, let us know and we can easily make a template to apply to multiple phones.

Filling in the label is optional. If only the extension is filled in, it will auto-populate with the extension’s name as configured in the phone system.